Karen G. Robinson, Esq., is the principal attorney at the law office of PHM Robinson & Associates.  Karen Robinson is a graduate of Woodrow Wilson College of Law, Atlanta, Georgia (Juris Doctor), the University of Colorado at Denver, (Masters Degree, Public Affairs) and the University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana (B.S. Legal Administration) 

         The practice is limited to federal law concerning Social Security Disability, Employment Law, and Workersí Compensation.  Karen Robinson is admitted to practice in the United States District Court of Colorado, Northern District of  Georgia, and the State Court of Georgia.

         Karen Robinsonís administrative law experience began in  the late 70's.  She represented clients before various administrative agencies.   Her disability practice includes representing clients in the application process, at the Appeals Council, and in Federal District Court.  

        Karen Robinson provides training for disability advocates from a number of agencies on how the Social Security Disability process works.  The training includes instructions on how to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits and appeal processes.  

        Karen Robinsonís representation at the application stage of the process includes completing the application for Social Security Disability benefits.  She also assists her clients in preparing the actual application for Social Security Disability benefits and files the application.  

       Through the use of interpreters, Karen Robinson has represented clients who do not speak English or use English as a second language, i.e., Spanish, as well as clients from Ethiopia and Somali.  

        Karen Robinson's trial and litigation experiences include not only race and age discrimination; she also has experience in prisoner's rights issues concerning the violation of constitutional rights. 

        Karen Robinson is the former Director of the Legal and Public Affairs Department for the Colorado Bar Association.  She has served on a number of boards and committees whose purposes are to improve the professionalism of the practice of law and community outreach.  Karen Robinson has always been committed to giving back to the community.  Her goal in life has always been to "make a difference," something she has never forgotten and continues to place as one of her higher priorities in life.

        Karen Robinson uses the "hands on" approach with every client that walks through her door.    She understands that the client probably knows the case better than anyone since they live it each and every day.




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